Benefits of an Interactive Security System

Benefits of an Interactive Security System

Everyone knows what a home security system is, but when you add the word Interactive, what does it then mean? The definition of interactive is: allowing a two-way flow of information between a computer and a computer-user, responding to a user’s input. In this case, it would be an interchange of information between you and your security system. Why is this something that you need?

Property Surveillance

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Cameras are the most useful security item you can install on your property. The benefit of the interactive security cameras is that you have 24/7 access to them. The app on your smartphone gives you alerts if it detects motion. You can then decide if you want to view it live, or review the video later. If it is your video doorbell that is notifying you, you can choose to interact with whoever is at your front door. The person there won’t know if you are in the house or away as you speak with them. 

Total Control

Security today is more than our cameras or an alarm. It includes anything that keeps your family and property safe. Inside your home, you have smoke detectors and sometimes a carbon monoxide detector, or even flood detection sensor for the floor. All of these items can notify you if there is any environmental change in the home. Even more, you can close the garage door after you have left for work when it alerts you that it is still open. The same is true with the door locks, locking them after you have already left the house. If you are away for a couple of days, interactive security allows you to turn your lights off and on while changing the thermostat down if necessary. 

Always Be Informed

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Interactive home security systems are an advanced technology that is available to us all. When we have these devices, it only makes us safer. You will have less worry and stress because you always are informed on the status of your property or family at home. There is no more turning the car around as you leave for vacation because you don’t remember if you locked the front door or armed the alarm system. If it plugs into the wall or has WiFi, you probably can access it on your smart home interactive security app on your phone. 

Call us at StarBrite today and let our security experts build the perfect interactive home alarms system for your needs. When you add the Brinks Home Security monitoring in, you are adding another layer of safety. Your security system can interact with them also. Not only do you get signaled to unusual activity in your home, but Brinks Home Security monitoring gets an alert also. They will then take prompt action and call the proper emergency responders. You can’t make your home any safer than this. Take advantage of all of this amazing technology today!