What Your Home Security Company Can Do for You

What Your Home Security Company Can Do for You

The home security industry is exploding with technology and affordability right now. Is it even possible for you to choose what devices you need for your home? Sometimes, too much is a good thing. A large field to choose from gives you more options to customize your home security system. Breaking down each device can help with this decision.

Choosing the Right Home Security Package

StarBrite has a couple of different basic home security packages that can get you started. Here are a few of the starter items and what they can do for you. 

Home Security Solutions
Home Security Solutions
  • Motion sensor– Smart sensors that are pet friendly and are only triggered by above the floor motion.
  • Door contacts– These contacts sense when the connection is broken by a window opening-up and notify the alarm hub.
  • Video Doorbell Camera– This is a must-have item that allows you to see who is at your door, speak with them, and take a picture if needed. 
  • Geofencing– You can set up rules for your home to react when you come on to the property. For example, turn on the lights, unlock the door, or disarm the alarm. It can do the same when you leave your house.
  • Touchscreen Alarm Panel– You can control your security devices through this hub. 
  • Glass Break Detection– Vibrations and breaking of glass doors or large glass panes.
  • Indoor and outdoor Cameras– Be able to view live-streaming video to check on the activity in your home when you are not there. You can also scan your property outside your home. The home security cameras are capable of full HD night vision and will send motion alerts when needed. 
  • Smartphone App– You can control your devices from wherever you may be through the phone app. 

Home Alarm System Upgrades

If you want to upgrade your security package, there are more options available for you to put together. These upgrades will turn your house into a Smart Home with total security all the way around. 

StarBrite home security package
StarBrite home security package
  • Smart Thermostats– Your smartphone app can be used to program your thermostat to turn off and on, depending on if you are home or not. You can even adjust the temperature while you are away.
  • Keyless Locks– These locks can be programmed for each individual to have a code so you’ll know who is coming and going. You can even unlock it with your smartphone if an unexpected visitor needs to get in. 
  • Smart Lightbulbs– This lightbulb allows lighting to be customized, scheduled when to come on or off, and controlled by the smartphone app. 
  • Live 24/7 Monitoring– For the final touch, add Brinks Home Security Monitoring. Your home will be watched 24/7 and the emergency responders are alerted as soon as they are needed. 

Making a Decision

Informed decisions are the best all-around. First, you have to look at your home and decide what it needs. Next, you read over all the available options the security company can offer you.  You can then go to the experts at StarBrite, and they will customize a package just for your home. After all your needed devices are together, don’t forget to add a couple of those convenience options. Make your house a Smart Home!