DIY vs Installed Home Security Systems

DIY vs Installed Home Security Systems

With so many of us working from home right now, you may have found yourself looking around and considering putting in or upgrading a home security system. With the latest technology available at affordable pricing, today is the best time to do it. It’s not quite as overwhelming as you may initially think. In fact, most security companies offer their equipment for you to put in on your own if your budget demands. Is it possible to put together and install your home security system on your own? 

Brinks authorized dealership
Brinks authorized dealership

Is a DIY security system trustworthy enough if you decide to take on this task by yourself? You can find much of the commercial-grade equipment that the alarm company offers at a retail or electronics store. In addition, having a security company provide and install it just guarantees the proper selections and professional installation. While you may save money on the equipment installation, many companies, such as StarBrite, offer free installation with a new system. If you purchase your equipment through a security company, many make installation support available if you choose to do it on your own.

Home Security Must-Haves

StarBrite home security system packages
StarBrite home security equipment package

Time to put together your security package. What do you need? First of all, it starts with you doing a walkthrough of your home. Make notes of any points of entry. Then, mapping these entries will help you with the initial planning of your priority needs. Your windows and doors are where you will want to place the magnetic contacts. These will alert you to any unexpected movement if someone tries to open them. You may also want to include a glass-break sensor. The sensor will pick up any noise from a window or glass door if shattered. 

Next, you will want to take a walk around the outside of your home and decide how many and where you would want to place your home security cameras. These will alert you before anyone even gets close to your windows or doors. The camera on your video doorbell is a definite must-have item. Just this one small camera can pick up approaching movement, usually from several feet away with a wide-angle view. Some choose to put cameras in the home, along with motion sensors. These two things can let you check on things at home while you are away and see what is causing any alert. Motion sensors usually ignore any pets in the house up to 40 lbs. You can always add more, such as smoke detectors and other safety devices.

Best Options For Home Protection

The last consideration to make is if you want your DIY system monitored by an outside company. If you choose professional alarm monitoring, your home is closely watched around the clock. If an alarm goes off, a dispatcher will immediately notify you and the proper emergency responders. When you choose to self-monitor, you will still receive an alert to your smartphone that there is an alarm at your house, but it will be up to you to call the police or fire department. No matter how you choose to put together your DIY security system, StarBrite Alarm can assist you with your decisions.