Does Your Home Security System Need a Check-Up?

Does Your Home Security System Need a Check-Up?

Have you seen the latest gadgets available to manage your home security systems? Technology just doesn’t take a break, and it seems that new ideas come out daily. You are satisfied with what you have at the moment, but has it had a good check-up recently? It may not be as much of a matter of keeping up with the latest as it is to make sure it’s still functioning safely. 

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The general agreement is that a home security system is outdated after 10 to 15 years. However, now that technology is speeding along, it may be sooner than that. The most important factor is always that it is functioning reliably and safely. Is it the older hardwired home alarm system? As time goes by, an electrical device usually wears out and is less efficient. Not to mention, it is easily disabled by an intruder with the clip of a wire. Take a look into the wireless security systems of today. No drilling with extensive house wiring necessary. In the case of a power outage, your main hub has a battery backup to keep things up and running. If you have them, outdated cameras that have not been maintained regularly become unreliable. Today’s cameras have crystal clear imaging and night vision that can be recorded and stored. 

The Latest Home Automation Options

Home Security Solutions
Home Security Solutions

In the past, we were fairly limited in our home security options. A loud alarm if our wired sensors were breached and if we could afford it, a couple of grainy cameras we had to record and review and store on tape.  Today, you have the power to arm and disarm your wireless alarm system via your smartphone. While you’re on the phone, you can live stream your indoor cameras to make sure the pet hasn’t gotten into too much trouble while you’re gone.

Next, you can speak with whoever is at the front door with the two-way communication capability of your video doorbell. On vacation? Don’t forget to program the lights to turn on and off once in a while so your home looks occupied. In fact, the options you can put into your home security system are endless. Your Smart Home additions can also make it possible for you to adjust your thermostat, close the garage door, unlock your front door, monitor for fire, or carbon monoxide. Lastly, if you add in the option of live monitoring from Brinks Home Security, you can be sure someone is watching out for you 24/7. 

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Everyone has different needs. Because of this, StarBrite offers its California residents customized options that fit each individual’s circumstances. If your alarm system is still recent, but you see some of these smart home options as a good addition, it can be added to an existing system. Start with a good basic package and add what other devices you know will help out with your lifestyle. Do your research, see what’s available. You will be surprised at how affordable security systems have become. Stay up to date and stay safe!