Highest-Rated Home Security Systems in Los Angeles

Highest-Rated Home Security Systems in Los Angeles

When it comes time to shop for a home security system, it may get frustrating looking at the endless list that pops up. Do you want the one that’s name is well-known? Or are you on a tight budget and looking for the most affordable? Whatever your goal may be, don’t be too hasty in your decisions, since this is your home you’re protecting. An examination of a couple of top home security companies in the Los Angeles area may help. 

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ADT is a name that comes to mind when you say home alarm systems. This is due to having over 150 years in the security business. hey have a large customer base.  Customer service reviews are based on the local provider of the ADT brand. The downside is that you won’t get a clear price for a system until after a technician makes a home visit with you. You will be signed into a three-year contract for the equipment that they will install for $99 to $199. Monthly pricing usually starts around $29.00 for a basic plan with a landline and can go up to $60.00 for a smart home plan with monitoring.


Vivint originated as APX Alarm in 1999. They grew to be one of the largest home security companies in North America. APX Alarm was renamed Vivint in 2010, so they have several years of experience in the business. They have over 1.5 million customers in North America. Reviews show that this company has a security system that works well with your smart home devices. The base package is around $600.00. For 24/7 alarm monitoring, storage, along with home automation, it is about $40.00 a month in total. Payment installments are offered over 60 months if you choose not to pay upfront for the equipment. No contract is required if the equipment is paid in full. 


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Home Security Solutions

StarBrite is a local Southern California security company that also serves the Los Angeles area. They come with 20 years of experience. They are teamed up with Brinks Monitoring to provide quick and accurate 24/7 home alarm monitoring. Since they are localized, they can respond quickly to your needs and can even give you free same-day installation. Pricing is not stated on the site and requires you to call for an appointment. Their four different security packages can be customized to suit your home. Customers service has scored great reviews. 

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It’s nice to have so many security companies to choose from. Having in mind what you want out of the company is helpful. Most companies require a face-to-face consultation before you get the rundown on the prices. It all comes down to who you want to take care of you for the next three years or so. Big names are good, but sometimes getting a smaller local company is even better. As long as it comes with good references, you are going to get more personalized service. They will be quick to respond also. Friendly and reliable are good things to have on your side.