Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

The elaborate home security system seems to be a popular addition to home recently. Even renters have options to outfit their residence with flexible security devices. In the event that you may not be in a position to go for a large customized security system at the moment, what are other simple options to secure your home?

Secure Your Entry Points

The first area that an intruder would target is the doors and windows. Here are tips for securing these areas. 

Exterior doors: 

  • Solid-core doors are the most durable and secure. 
  • Use a strong deadbolt or smart lock on them. 
  • Replace door locks when you move into a new place. 
  • A peephole on the door helps to identify who is on the other side. 
  • Place a bar at the bottom of your sliding doors to keep them in place.
  • Make sure to lock the door from the garage to the house.
  • Lock your garage door when on vacation or unplug the opener.


  • Always check that the windows are locked before you leave.
  • You can add motion sensors that alert you if they open.
  • Glass break detectors are available. 
  • Keep valuables out of sight from open windows. 
  • Plant bushes that contain thorns under windows to discourage getting too close.

Light Up the Property

In order to discourage trespassers, have a well-lit yard and house. With attention to keeping the yard trimmed removes any dark hiding places.

  • Solar-powered lights are decorative and energy-savers. Use them along walkways or flowerbeds. 
  • Timers on lights, inside and out, can give the appearance that you are home. 
  • Use motion-sensor lights both outside and inside to make it difficult to stay undetected.
  • Smart homes can program your lights to mimic your everyday routine when you’re away. 
  • Backyards need lighting too. Motion detecting lights work well here. 

Keep an Eye on Your Property

You don’t have to buy the ultimate security package to have a couple of cameras in key locations. 

  • Battery-powered cameras are available that can save you from running the wires and change around the locations when needed. 
  • Video doorbells detect anyone approaching your front door or in a wide radius of view and send the alert to your smartphone. 
  • Install motion-sensor cameras that can send you a notification when there is unexpected activity on your property.
  • Indoor cameras can continue the footage of activity in the home. 

More Simple Tips to Secure Your Home

There isn’t anything that will secure your home 100%. As a result, we can only do our best. Simple solutions to having strong doors and locks, plenty of lighting, and affordable cameras are big steps in the prevention of a burglary. There are many more things that you may want to consider, such as fencing or window coverings. Give us a call at StarBrite Alarm, and we can assist you in finding the best simple but effective security solutions for your family and home. We serve the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Dallas / Fort Worth areas.