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At StarBrite, we take pride in being the most trusted home security company in Plano. Residents in the Dallas County area have a lot of choices when it comes to home security. Picking the best home security system can take a lot of time. The decisions can be difficult. Local and national companies all offer plenty of security systems options, equipment, and services. At StarBrite, we believe in simple, straight-forward pricing and easy-to-understand packages. Our services are what make us stand out above the rest. StarBrite is a local security company based right here in Dallas County, TX. We appreciate our Brinks monitoring station being so close to home. So, give us a call today! Get one of our new smart Plano home alarm systems installed.

StarBrite Services All of Southern California
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Are you looking to get a basic alarm monitoring system or something more with all the extras? StarBrite can help you. Our specialty is to provide you with top-of-the-line security packages. These packages include state-of-the-art cameras and home automation. One of our licensed technicians will install your alarm system and activate it. First, they will make sure it is running smoothly. Then, they will help you learn to use all of its features. 

No landline? No Problem! All of our new alarm panels come with wireless LTE connections. They also have a backup power supply from a built-in battery. When the power or internet goes out, your system stays on and running. The alarm panels are also smashand crash-proof. If an intruder tries to break the control panel or the connection, the locally-based monitoring station will be immediately alerted.

Best Home Security Cameras


StarBrite home security camera

At StarBrite, we offer you the latest technology in home security cameras. The security system industry has a lot of choices that can watch over your home, but not all are the same. Many of the DIYs, and even some professional companies, are downgrading to cut costs. Doing this can result in hackers gaining access to your system, along with poor image quality. However, our top-of-the-line home security cameras give you crystal-clear images. You can be sure that intruders can’t hack into your system since we use the highest-rated industry 2G wireless technology.

We can show you a large variety of cameras for you to choose from, depending on your needs. These cameras include your doorbell, outside areas, and inside your home. StarBrite also provides professional installation. Rely on a home security company that you can trust.

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JD Power Award Winner 3 Years in a Row!

Brinks Alarm Monitoring


JD Power Award Winner 3 Years in a Row!

It is important to have your StarBrite security system professionally monitored in Plano, TX, if you want it to be the most effective. StarBrite offers the best 5-star UL-certified Brinks monitoring station in the Dallas County area. Brinks award-winning alarm monitoring can guarantee a quick and reliable response time to any alerts from your home alarm system. 

StarBrite is a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer located right here in Plano, Texas. Brinks has the fastest response time, along with a JD Power award as the highest-rated central alarm company.

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Don’t take chances with one of those DIY systems. You can have the best Plano home security system installed completely free. Certain things need to be left up to the professionals, and home security systems and camera installation are one of them. Since we are a local company, we’re able to offer FREE same-day installation. Our certified technicians will not only install your StarBrite security system but then train you on how to use it. We will also provide top-notch support in the case that any problems might arise.

There is no catch. We want to make sure our customers get peace of mind when selecting their alarm system installation company. Call us today at StarBrite to get started and installed the same day.

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