WiFi Cameras or CCTV

WiFi Cameras or CCTV

Have you ever heard of CCTV cameras, WiFi security cameras, or wire-free cameras? They are all a part of our modern security systems. You are wondering which one would be best for you. First, you have to know the pros and cons of each. Then, you compare them in your specific circumstances to determine the best fit.

WiFi Connected Cameras

The WiFi camera records and uploads to the cloud instead of a hard drive. An SD card can also be used with some of these cameras to store the video.  Unlike the CCTV, most WiFi cameras record when there is motion detected. You can live stream video to check on the property at any time. This recording method keeps your broadband connection unburdened and free. An appealing feature of the WiFi camera is the two-way talk ability. When someone rings your doorbell or enters the yard, you can speak with the person and see what they need. A strong WiFi connection is necessary for having a dependable camera. These cameras work well when used inside. You are free to move these around when you need a different view. There are no internet cables to attach. If it has a battery supply, then there is no need for a power cord either. 

Commercial Security Cameras

CCTV Security Cameras

The closed-circuit television camera continuously records. The video footage is viewable at any time. Most of the outdoor cameras have night vision, but not all can record the sounds. Storage is on a hard drive that is connected to the cameras by cables for power and the internet. The positive aspect of having a connection with wire is that it is dependable The internet connection gives you access to view the video footage on your smartphone, along with receiving alerts of motion detection. One of the disadvantages of this camera is the possible need to have it professionally installed. It requires that the installer drill holes and run wires. These stationary, mounted cameras make a wise choice for homeowners that don’t have plans to move them around. They are usually more cost-effective if you plan on several cameras. However, they have fewer features than the WiFi camera. 


As you can see, with all the various features, only you can decide what is best for your home. If you don’t mind a professional helping you out with the installation, then CCTV might do. These are also appropriate for the permanent homeowner who will not need to move them around. The WiFi is suitable for homeowners, but also the renters who may want to move the cameras to a new home or apartment. The DIY customer will not have trouble placing these WiFi cameras where they choose. Being familiar with your property’s needs, and now being informed with the different camera features will help your decision. StarBrite Home Security is here to help you with your camera and security needs. Call us today, and our experts will help you put together just what you need.